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1. Insurance for your projects: Builder risk, Fire protection for landlord, Umbrella coverage and liability coverage. Rental coverage for your renters which can give them a discount on their car insurance. (link Insurance for your projects to the real estate application)

2. Wholesale properties: We have unique ways of finding sellers that are motivated to sell their homes. We will make those homes available to you if you are a flipper or a long term buy and hold investor.  To receive information on these properties and learn more about our other services.

3. Consulting and management of Rehab projects: Estimate for construction, Budgeting projects and finding contractors and subs to complete in a timely manner.

4. Hard Money Lending: 
After Repair Value Loan Criteria
Loan Amount: $75k - $2.5M
Term: 12 months
LTV: Up to 85% of purchase price and 100% rehab; Up to 75% ARV
Rate: 12% (1% paid Monthly)
Collateral: 1-4 family non-owner occupied residential real estate
Credit Score: 600 min
Experience: Must have prior rehab investment experience
Residential Purchase Loan Criteria
Loan Amount: $50k-$2.5M+
Term: 12–18 months
LTV: Up to 80% of purchase price; Up to 65% refinance; Up to 50% cash-out
Rate: 12% (1% paid Monthly)
Collateral: Non-owner occupied residential or mixed-use properties
Credit Score: No minimum
Closing: As few as 10 Business days

5. No Doc Landlord Cash out loans: Link this to “No Balloon 30 year fixed rate garfield” Attached

6. Investor Needed: DO you have money in a 401K or 403B that is not earning you 10% or better?  Invest in the most secure investment since the beginning of mankind. We can help you make 10% to 12% per year with maximum security. You choose the project and individuals you work with and we facilitate the process. No fees to you!! Send us an email to get the conversation started. or

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